About Emit Design

We are making every effort to create space designs that reflect the trends of the times, and we are always endeavoring to develop new designs.

Our main business areas include exterior/interior remodeling, interior construction, and decoration, and we strive to create complete commercial, educational, office, and residential spaces that are integrating customer needs and trendy design elements.

Emit Design aims to create a space that heightens our customers’ quality of life and business success.

Interior Process


Online/Phone Inquiries

A rough estimate can be obtained online or by phone. If you visit our office, more detailed construction items, design consultations, and a more accurate estimate can be provided.

  • Usually, we have a consultation appointment about two months prior to the scheduled start date of construction.


Office Consultation

When you visit our office, more detailed information can be provided by bringing along the site photos and design drawings.

  • Consultation quotations by concept and item
  • Decisions on the provisional contract execution


Measurements and Main Contract

Based on the consultation quote and the corrections made by the customer, actual drawings and a quotation are provided.


Design Meeting (Takes 2-3 weeks)

Based on the concept that was first consulted during the design meeting, design concept and other details are discussed. Then the floor plans and 3D drafting work are conducted for the second meeting.

  • A revised final quote can be produced at the design meeting, and estimates may vary depending on the changes.


Start of Construction (takes 4-8 weeks)

After the design concept is finalized, we proceed with the construction, in order to prevent any defects in the future. We are doing our best to bring about high-quality design with a sense of responsibility and attention to detail.


Construction Completion / Finishing and Photoshoot

After the completion of construction, the client will check and inspect, and then the photo shooting schedule will proceed.


After-sales Service

After-sales Service is valid for 1 year, and any service provided due to the user-error will incur repair service fees.