LED Lighting

The Lighting Business Unit at Emit Solution is

leading the Korean LED lighting market with its advanced technology and product competitiveness, rooted in the existing PCB manufacturing business. The lighting business unit is operated by experts with years of LED lighting development experience and has expanded its market far beyond our borders.

We have become a leading company in the LED lighting industry

due to our superior technology, and experience with sales, installations and the maintenance of LED lighting. In addition to our LED lamps, we have a wide range of products that allow our customers easy access to LEDs. We are also contributing greatly to the expansion of LED lighting in the Korean market and the overall improvement of LED product accessibility.

The Lighting Business Unit at Emit Solution

will not only be satisfied with the status quo and promises to deliver zero-defect products through continuous research and development to further increase customer satisfaction as a leader in the LED lighting industry.
Additionally, with the advanced LED lighting technology, Emit Solution will be the company that puts humanity and the environment first, thus contributing to a cleaner planet.