Product Development


Product Development

Product Exterior Design

We provide support for the overall design process methods, including market and user need analysis, design concept, and development.

Product Design

Product Design

We support the entire process of product design, including component layout, LED lighting and PCB circuit designs

Mold Production

Mold Production

By collaborating with both domestic and international mold-making leaders, we are able to provide support for the entire mold certification process, including mold design and certification based on assembly, performance, and manufacturability.

Development Process Guide


Request for Development

Please use the “Request” to ask us about it.



We respond with a quote within 24 hours.


Development Process

Development work will progress per work scope.



Review via an e-mail or a meeting per circumstances.



Customer feedback is taken to the fullest extent during revisions.


Development Completion

Development Completion

Product Development Request

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